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VanDyke ClientPack icon Command-line tools for automating and securing file transfers and management shell operations, providing advanced security options

VanDyke ClientPack bundles a collection of command-line automation utilities designed for file transfers, as well as routine shell and administration tasks. Aside from saving you the time needed to perform such operations manually, it ensures data security using various authentication methods and encryption algorithms.

SSH connection scripting

While not having a regular user interface might be a drawback to some, advanced users will be glad to know that they can include commands into automation scripts, which can be used for executing administration and network configuration operations.

Furthermore, the integrated VRALib COM API provides scripting options for SSH2 connections (command sending, connection management, tunneling, remote file management, SFTP file transfers, or key management).

Robust security features and automation options

Aside from VRALib, VanDyke ClientPack also comprises various console applications, namely: VSFTP, a SFTP transfer tool; VCP, a file transfer utility; VSH, designed for shell operations; VKEYGEN, which can help you generate public and private security keys and, last but not least, VPKA, a tool that can upload keys to the SSH server.

Each command-line application features detailed usage instructions, displaying all the available functions and additional explanations. To ensure security, all of them provide password, Kerberos, and public authentication key support, relying on robust security standards. Moreover, VSH allows TIS authentication when connecting to SSH1 servers.

Data is encrypted using various algorithms, including AES, Twofish, Blowfish, RC4, or 3DES, which ensures protected file transfers. VSH supports port and X11 forwarding, using the FIPS mode to check for valid algorithms. Furthermore, SOCKS4 and 5 are supported.

Automate file transfers and administrative tasks

VanDyke ClientPack ensures secure shell authentication and data transfers, allowing protected connections to remote servers. It can be used for performing routine file management operations, such as creating directories, renaming or removing files, and setting user permissions, or transfer files between two different remote hosts.

Command-line vsftp Automate transfer Shell encryption Automation Script Cipher Encryption

VanDyke ClientPack was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici

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VanDyke ClientPack 8.5.1

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