Adds support for cache storage of blob responses

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Apple released today the 50th Technology Preview (TP) build for its WebKit-based Safari web browser for the macOS Sierra 10.12 and macOS High Sierra 10.13 operating system series.

Safari Technology Preview Release 50 is now available for download for macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra computers running either a stable release of Safari or the previous Technology Preview. The latter can be updated to the new version via the Updates tab in Mac App Store.

This release brings numerous improvements and bug fixes to a wide range of components, including Service Workers, Payment Request, Web App Manifest, Web API, Web Inspector, Web Driver, JavaScript , as well as to web page rendering and accessibility. The full changelog is attached below.

Highlights of Safari Technology Preview Release 50

Among the highlights of the Safari Technology Preview 50 release, we can mention support for cache storage of blob responses, implementation of createImageBitmap(HTMLVideoElement), as well as better rendering of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images that have the same size as the WebGL texture.

The Web Inspector now displays the Recordings, Canvases, and Programs items in the sidebar, the Canvas tab tree selection was fixed to no longer suddenly change when a recording frame is being selected, and the Elements tab was updated to include the "Jump to Layer" functionality.

Last but not least, Safari Technology Preview Release 50 changes cookies returned by automation to show the expiry time in seconds, no longer spams users with an error when window resizing or moving has no visible effect, and delays the focus notifications for UI elements, and the attribute computation until it is required.

Again, you can study the full changelog attached below if you're curious to know what exactly was changed in Safari Technology Preview Release 50, which you can install right now if you want to have an early taste of the new features and improvements coming to Safari in future stable macOS software updates.

Safari Technology Preview 50
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