iOS users can now export passwords to use them in other apps

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Google announced earlier today the final release of the Chrome 66 web browser for desktop (Linux, Mac, and Windows) and mobile (Android and iOS) platforms.

Probably the best feature of the Google Chrome 66 web browser is the enablement of the Mute Autoplay feature by default, no longer allowing video streams on websites to play automatically. The feature is available on all supported platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS.

We already told you about the new features Google implemented in the Chrome 66 release for Linux, Windows, and Mac, so we're now talking about the new features for Android and iOS platforms in this article. We'll start with Chrome 66 for iOS, which now lets users export passwords saved in Chrome for use in other apps.

The Export Passwords feature was implemented in the Settings -> Passwords section and all you have to do to export your saved Chrome passwords is to tap on the "Export Passwords" button. You'll be warned that the passwords will be visible to anyone who can see the exported file, so make sure you keep it safe after export.

What's new in Google Chrome 66 for Android

On the other hand, Google Chrome 66 for Android brings a few more improvements than on Apple's iOS mobile operating systems. Among these, we can mention the ability to set the language preferences for web content via a new Settings -> Languages setting, and support for sharing and deleting downloads on the Downloads page.

The Export Passwords feature is also available on Google's Android mobile platform, along with a new "Chrome Home Duplex" bottom bar, a new Asynchronous Clipboard API for developers to read and write content from the clipboard, as well as a new AudioWorklet API that lets them programmatically control audio.

Other than that, there's now a new Decoding Info API that lets websites better set the resolution of video streams by automatically detecting the device's decoding capabilities, and users can now activate the prompt for the Simplified View for all supported articles via the Settings -> Accessibility settings.

The Google Chrome 66 web browser is now rolling out to both iOS and Android platforms and it should take a few days to arrive for all users everywhere. You can download the Google Chrome 66 for Android from the Google Play store and Google Chrome 66 for iOS from the App Store right now.

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