The new dark mode can be enabled from settings

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While Google won't bring a dark theme to its Linux-based Android mobile operating system anytime soon, the search giant is now finally adding a dark mode to its YouTube app for iOS and Android.

Believe it or not, the YouTube app for iOS and Android is getting a new dark theme today that users can activate from the application's settings if they tap on their account icon, then toggle the new "Dark theme" entry that sits above the "Restricted mode" feature.

If you don't see the new dark theme in settings, access the app switcher and remove the YouTube app from memory by swiping it up. Then, open it again and you should be greeted by a notification at the bottom of the screen about the new dark theme that you can turn on immediately.

Enjoying a more vivid YouTube experience

If you tap on the "Turn On" button from the notification, you'll be able to immediately enjoy a more vivid YouTube experience on your iPhone or iPad, and possibly to also save some battery life, but this is something that's yet to be confirmed by those who use the app very often.

In the meanwhile, you can just enjoy the new dark theme as it will be a lot easier on your eyes at night or in a dark environment, and it won't disturb other people in the room. Check out the screenshots below to see how new dark mode looks like on YouTube for iOS.

As far as YouTube for Android goes, the new dark theme should be available for users of Android-powered devices shortly. If you don't see the new dark mode on either iOS or Android, it means that Google hasn't managed to roll out the feature to your region yet, so try again in the coming days.

New dark theme notification
New dark theme notification
YouTube with dark theme
YouTube with dark theme
Enabling the dark theme in settings
Enabling the dark theme in settings

YouTube for iOS (4 Images)

YouTube mobile app gets a dark mode
New dark theme notificationYouTube with dark theme
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